What is “La Fatarella, 1938”

La Fatarella, 1938 is a short film centred in the Spanish Civil War, specifically in the Battle of the Ebro (Batalla del Ebro). The film tells a short, but dramatic and encouraging story, that surely will move you. In the town called La Fatarella, there was an advanced for the soldiers of «la lleva del biberó».

In the story there is a contraposition between youth and innocence by one side, and insight by the other one. That offers a realistic and cruel view of War.

Pau Bertomeu (DELTA PRODUCCIONS, audiovisual production company) developed the idea of the film after reading the «The last cigarret» story, by Joan Ferré Verge. The author wrote the story through his uncle Leonardo facts. He was an excombatant of «la lleva del biberó», so he lived the facts personally.

La Fatarella, 1938 also reflects the illusion of a profesional team. They have given all their talent and love to this project, without asking any reward. They have just created this film for all of you.

The film also features the holding of ‘Associació Lo Riu’, association for the study of archaeological and historic Terres de l”Ebre, ‘Memoria Histórico-Militar 1938’ Batalla de l”Ebre museum, in Faió (Saragossa) or the historic recreation group ‘Ejercito del Ebro’, and others.

The exterior shooting will be the second half of November, to the range of La Fatarella. Is a place in recovery and museum site gives, by Lo Riu assossiation. The interiors will be shooted in an antique house in La Galera.

The premier is provided in April 2013.